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Laboratory refractometers / Karat-MT portable refractometer

KOMZ has designed and manufactures the instrument for direct measurement of refractive index nD — Karat-MT portable refractometer


With additional options:
Base case 613.00   USD
Not available
The state verification 23.00   USD
Not available

Technical specifications
Measurement range of refractive index nD1,3 ... 1,5
Value of the scale division of refractive index nD0,001
Limit of permissible basic error of refractive index nD±0,0003
Weightnot more 2.0 kg
Warranty18 months from the date of commissioning, but not more than 2 years from the date of issue
Operating temperature range, C, from/to+10...+35
Overall dimensions, mm83х70х143
Mass, kg0.7
Delivery set: Portable refractometer IRF-456 "Karat-MT" - 1pc., Case -. 1pc. Set of tools and accessories: control sample, 1pc., bottle stoppered-1pc., batiste cloth bleached 250x250mm - 1pc., flannel cloth bleached 190x190mm - 1 pc., screwdriver - 1 pc. Packing: - 1 pc., box - 1 pc. Manual. Part 1 - 1pc. Manual. Part 2. Methods of verification. - 1 pc.
Number in the State registry5110-75

Useful files
Certificate of measuring instrument type approval Download (6.01 Mb)
Certificate of accreditation of JSC "KOMZ"Download (2.37 Mb)
Download (4.99 Mb)

The refractometer can be used:

1. IN MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS - for determination of protein in blood serum, urine density, analysis of brain and synovial fluid, density of subretinal and other fluids of the eye. Our instrument significantly reduces the time of analysis of the protein content in the serum, when using Reiss tables, and does not require any chemical reagents for sample preparation. Our instruments allows to significantly reduce time in mass examinations of the patients.

2. IN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY can be used to analyze aqueous solutions of various drugs:

  • calcium chloride ;
  • novocaine ;
  • ephedrine ; glucose;
  • magnesium sulfate ;
  • sodium chloride;
  • cordiamin, etc.


  • at sugar and bread making plants, confectionery factories for the analysis of products and raw materials, semi finished products, culinary products and starchy foods
  • determines the moisture content of honey (up to 20 %)
  • to determine the dry matter content in different worts (GOST 5900-73), "soakings", syrup for marmalade, marshmallow, creams and cakes, "tirage" for gingerbread;
  • to determine the mass fraction of soluble solids by sucrose ( Brix ) in the products of fruit and vegetable processing
  • to determine the content of fat in solid foods (gingerbread, wafers or bakery products)
  • concentration of salts.

Refractometers can be used in laboratories of sanitary-epidemiological control, veterinary hospital, laboratory of a medical institution, as well as metrological control.

4. WHEN SERVICING EQUIPMENT for precise determination of the volume concentration of the anti-crystallization liquid "IM", which is added to aviation fuel in an amount of 0.1 to 0.3%. Further processing of results shall be conducted according to "Methodical recommendations on the analysis of lubricant quality in civil aviation" Part II p. 159.

Experience in the use of this type refractometers in Kazan airport, Siberian Aviation Fuel Energy Company, and others, showed that our instrument significantly reduces the time and increases the reliability of the analysis on content of "IM" liquid in the aviation fuel.

The refractometer can be supplied with or without the state verification (You can address request to the certification bodies for verification of the instrument).

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