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Night-vision devices / Baigish-21C

Night vision binocular with an IR illumination unit have been designed on the basis of the first generation image converter.


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Базовая комплектация 558.50   USD

Technical specifications
Angular field of view10
Range of visibility of a human being at a starry night (0.003-0.005 lx)not less 250 m
Range of visibility of a human in total darkness with IR-illumination unitnot less 75 m
Diopter setting range of the eyepiecesfrom -4 to +4 dpts.
Time of uninterrupted operation of one battery at a temperature of 20deg.Cnot less 4 h
Power4 х 1,5 (4 elements А316)
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-30 … +40
Time of uninterrupted operation of one battery at the temperature of 20 °C, h4
Overall dimensions, mm234x131x76
Mass, kg1.45
Warranty, years2

Night vision binocular "Baigish-21C" comes complete with an IR illumination unit and has been designed for observation not only under conditions of an ambient skylight intensity but also in total darkness.

The IR illumination turn on button is conveniently mounted under the right hand forefinger. There is a LED indicator in the upper part of the unit to remind the user not to forget to turn the power off. The IR illumination unit forms part of the standard equipment.

The body of the binoculars are made of light alloy. The binoculars are resistant to shocks, corrosion and successfully operates in temperatures from -30 to +40 °C.

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