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Sights / Sight PO 1,5-6x42

Optical sight with variable magnification PO 1.5-6х42 with reticle lighting and sealed body filled with nitrogen. Sight PO 1,5-6х42 is designed for observation of distant objects and aimed shooting from hunting and other small-arms weapon in day, twilight and moonlight night time.


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Technical specifications
Angular field of view9°30' - 3°40'
Value of 1 division of ranging mechanism, mm/100m5
Exit pupil diameter, mm12.8-7.0
Resolution9” (6x)
Eye relief, mm80
The operating temperature range with illumination of a reticlefrom -25 to +50°C
Diopter setting of eyepiece, diopter from -3 to +3
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-40 ... +50
Overall dimensions, mm310х70х56
Mass, kg0.6
Delivery set: Sight, lens hood, caps for lens and eyepiece, soft case imitation leather, operating manual, box.
Warranty, years5

The sight is fitted with a reticle of one of 4 types – A, B, C or D. "D" reticle has a protractor scale for determining the distance to an object, if its size is known.

To prevent misting of the optics, when the temperature changes, the internal cavities of the sight are filled with dry nitrogen.

The sight has a robust all-metal body with reinforced mounting of internal elements that allows to successfully withstand shock loads of up to 800g.

The sight is airtight and waterproof at submersion to a depth of 0.5 m for up to 5 min.

All optical elements are made of high-quality optical glass with multilayer coating.

Illumination of the reticle has 11 brightness levels. It is powered by the lithium battery CR2354.

The sight can be supplied with one of four reticles as per buyer's choice.

As an option, the sight can be fitted with a set of light filters:

  • dark grey – to eliminate the effect of a "steam", water vapour;
  • light yellow - for bright sunny days;
  •  orange – for twilight or foggy conditions.

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