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Binoculars BPO / BPOs 10x42 “Baigish”

Binoculars with improved resolution, clear and clean image without distortion at the edges of the field of view, with increased protection against accidental shock and vibration ideal for extreme operating conditions.


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Base case 209.00   USD
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Technical specifications
Angular field of view5°50'
Linear field of view at a distance of 1000m102
Diameter of objective, mm42
Exit pupil diameter, mm4,2
Eye relief, mm21,6
Interpupillary distance, mm56...74
Operating temperature range, C, from/to-40 ... +50
Overall dimensions, mm220х186х85
Mass, kg1.3
Delivery set: Binoculars, eyepiece covers, objective lens covers, a neck strap, case of a soft leather substitute, operation manual ,a colorful cardboard box.
Warranty, years5

Useful files
CertificationDownload (3.63 Mb)

Unique 7-element eyepieces ensure higher resolution and vivid clear undistorted image at the edges of the field of vision.
Owing to a large eye relief, the user can operate the binocular without removing spectacles and reducing the field of vision (as it happens while observing through a classical binoculars) and without disturbing a high-contrast sharp image.
 Metallic rubberized body, rigid attachment of all inner units, air-tight covers of the eyepieces and objective lenses reliably protect the binoculars against damage from accidental shocks and ingress of moisture and dust. The ribbed rubberized body does not slip in the hands even in elevated humidity and during long-term observation. Soft rubber eye-shields ensure comfortable observation.
 Large interocular distance creates a superb stereoscopic vision with special sense of depth and volume of the image observed. The binoculars perfectly operate in all climatic zones in the most severe operating temperatures from –40 to +50°C.
The BPOs 10x42 “Baigish” binoculars come with an angle-measuring reticle used to measure distance to the object by its known size.

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