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Telescopes / ZT8-24x40M

ZT8-24х40 is a zoom telescope having a wide range of smooth variable magnification (from 8x to 24x).


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Base case 87.50 USD

Technical specifications
Magnification 8х ... 24х
Angular field of view5° ... 1°40'
Diameter of objective, mm40
Exit pupil diameter, mm5 ... 1,6
Eye relief, mm24
Minimal distance of focusing 6 m ( 8х) ... 50m ( 24х)
Operating temperature range, C, from/to -40 ... +40
Overall dimensions, mm445х55х63
Mass, kg0.58
Warranty, years5
Useful files
The letter of JSC "KOMZ" of the non-requirement of a certificationDownload (0.24 Mb)

Owing to its telescopic structure, it has a small size in inoperative position.

ZT8-24x40M  provides high quality image from 6 m to infinity (with 8x magnification)  and from 50 m to infinity (with  24x magnification).

ZT8-24x40M can be mounted on a tripod.

An eyepiece diopter adjustment is  from -5 to +15 diopters.

The standard equipment includes objective lens and eyepiece covers, carrying strap and a case made of a leather substitute.

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